Amethyst Gemstone Properties 

Amethyst (pronounced am-eh-thist) crystals grow on the inside surface of agate geodes. While the crystals themselves may grow to be several inches, the geodes containing the amethyst crystals often reach several feet in height. This majestic gemstone ranges in color from deep purple to pale lavender depending on the presence of manganese and iron. Amethyst can also appear reddish-purple or yellow-purple depending on the combination of minerals present in the clear quartz.

Designing with Amethyst

Make a royal statement! This regal gemstone traditionally adorned the robes and crowns of rich and powerful monarchs. Because purple is the color associated with wealth and prosperity, amethyst is still considered a prosperous stone--so wear it boldly. Chunky amethyst separated by 4-inch lengths of gold chain and 6mm gold rounds worn in layered, varying lengths add rich texture to high-neck sweaters or low-cut blouses. For an earthier feel, string amethyst with amber or smoky quartz and sterling silver saucers or tubes. For a more delicate feel, combine amethyst chips or 4mm rounds with rainbow fluorite, aquamarine, rose quartz, pearls or garnet beads. The deep pinks and purples of paua shells are another dazzling complement to amethyst and make the perfect beach or poolside accessory.

Why limit this gem to jewelry?

Keep this wealthy stone close to your purse strings--literally! Stitch amethyst onto purse straps or create your own wrist strap for a clutch, or over-the-shoulder chain for pouches.

Using white or colored Nymo® nylon beading thread and a leather needle, string 1-inch segments of amethyst, sterling silver, and other gemstone beads and anchor with a stitch (or two) on the leather strap. For existing chain straps, or to create a chain of your own, wire-wrap amethyst beads onto bulky hardware chain. Use silver- or gold-plated medium-curb chain to dangle several tiers of beads at either end of the purse. For leather clutches without strap attachments, use a leather punch to make a small hole on either side of the clutch. Connect 26mm split rings to the chain and clutch for a fresh, new look.

The Power of the Stone

Metaphysical Properties

Leonardo Da Vinci once wrote that amethyst holds the power to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken one's intelligence. Healers have been using amethyst to increase their psychic abilities and intuition for centuries. Cross-culturally, this popular gemstone was used as a symbol of peace and unification. It is also thought to evoke feelings of serenity and calmness in those who wear it.

Amethyst is often used during meditation to provide an overall sense of spiritual balance. Some naturopaths will use amethyst to help treat insomnia and sugar imbalances, and to relieve headaches.

Geological Properties

Amethyst is a naturally-occurring, macrocrystalline (meaning large crystal formations) variety of quartz. Geodes containing amethyst crystals are formed when clay, silt, sand or gravel are deposited and compacted by running water. Some of the largest amethyst geodes have been found in Brazil. Other locations where amethyst is mined include Sri Lanka, India, Uruguay, Madagascar, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Africa, Russia and the United States. Were amethyst less abundant, it would be even more highly-prized--and expensive!

Mineral Properties of Amethyst
Mineral Information Crystalline Quartz
Chemical Composition SiO2
Appearance Purple, violet, red-violet
Hardness 7 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity 2.66
Refractive Index 1.544-1.553
Cause of Color Manganese and iron

Proper Care

This stone is fairly hard and durable so it can be cleaned using a steamer and ultrasonic cleaner.
**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. NEED4BEAD does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.