Aventurine Gemstone Properties 

Design Possibilities
Aventurine has a thousand wonderful uses as beads, cabochons and ornamental pieces. You can mix the beads in strands using a variety of luscious colors (greens, red, blue, or my personal favorite, peach). Create fun, casual necklaces and bracelets with the carved green beads--turtles, frogs, moons, and Chinese "good luck" symbols, for example. You can string them in a series on chains. For fun, you can make "head-turners" by putting a turtle on one earring and a frog on the other. Or you can "go elegant" with aventurine cabochons in rings and pendants.

Metaphysical/Healing Properties

Shortly after she started wearing an aventurine necklace regularly, a close friend got a job offer she wanted but never expected. She loaned her necklace to another friend who was going on vacation. That friend came back with a new love interest. While neither of them gave aventurine all the credit, they both said they felt different when they were wearing the necklace. It was as if a secret dream that had felt out of reach was worth pursuing and could actually happen. That's the power of aventurine.

Though there isn't a "d" in the word, when you see aventurine think "adventure." Think optimism. Think bountiful. Think practical enthusiasm. All are ingredients for adventure. If you long for change, aventurine is for you. It keeps various chakras open and unblocked, allowing good things to come your direction.

Scientific Description

Its glistening effect comes from the small inclusions of shiny minerals. Most aventurine is quartz, but the orange and red-brown shades (aventurine feldspar) are called sunstone. Many consider the green aventurine to be the most desirable.
Mineral Information Tektosilicates, quartz (silica group)
Chemical Composition SiO2
Color Green, gold-brown
Hardness 7
Specific Gravity 2.65
Refractive Index 1.544-1.563

**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. NEED4BEAD does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.