Hot-Fix Crystals

These sparking flat back crystal rhinestones will easily bond to most surfaces including wool, cotton, rayon, LYCRA®, silk, acrylic and denim. A layer of hot-melt adhesive creates a bond to the material when activated with a hot-fix applicator. Crystals are wash-resistant and can be used to embellish clothing, handbags, lanyards, scrapbook pages, ceramics, wood, glass, jewellery components and more.

Purchase in bulk and save

 The Bulk discounts are as follows

 Purchase 1 gross (1 Gross = 144 pieces) and receive 30% discount

 Purchase 5 gross or more (5 Gross = 720 pieces) and receive 60% discount

 Purchase 10gross Wholesale (10 Gross = 1440 pieces) and receive 70% discount