Sodalite Gemstone Properties  

Design Possibilities

Sodalite is like a beautiful woman who's an intriguing imposter. In Canada, she's often referred to as Princess Blue because she was found there during a Royal visit. She's also a wonderful lapis lazuli look-alike (at a fraction of lapis lazuli's cost). Her name reveals nothing of her beauty but refers only to her sodium content. Artists' work has been filled with her for years, and beaders who love deep, rich blue stones can't keep their hands off her. String her along with silver that looks hand-hewn and ancient and everyone who sees her will want her. A word to the wise: Better stock up on extra sodalite beads and cabochons. She will disappear quickly. (And your jewelry along with her.)

Metaphysical/Healing Properties

There's a boldness about sodalite that carries over into our own lives. Sodalite is the gemstone guardian for heroes and heroines. When our backs are against the wall, when we need the courage to speak and act out of our convictions, that's when sodalite has "her" greatest power. Wear "her" next time you have to confront someone with lying or cheating. Or when you've done it yourself and it's time to stand up and admit it. Or any time when telling the truth is not going to be an easy matter.
Mineral Information Chloric sodium aluminum silicate
Chemical Composition Na8(C12Al6Si6O24)
Color Blue with occasional streaks of white
Hardness 5-1/2 - 6
Specific Gravity 2.13-2.29
Refractive Index 1.48

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