Silk Thread

Pure natural silk feels incredibly soft and smooth. Silk threads have good tensile strength and little stretch, which make them the ideal choice for many works and knotting. Necklaces made with natural silk drape naturally along the contours of the body and always project a look of elegance and beauty.

A simple, quick way to thread beads. The twisted stainless steel needle is already installed at the end of the cord and saves threading time. You can knot the cord easily because the thread has the correct twist. Approx. 79 inches (2 meters) of thread per card, which is enough for a necklace with a knot between each bead.

GRIFFIN 100% natural Silk only ever originates from the high-quality center (filament silk) of the silk cocoon thread and is twisted three times. Only this sleek thread has the characteristic luster and the irresistible natural beauty of pure natural silk. GRIFFIN has been manufacturing silk thread and cord from the best of the best since 1866.

Made in Germany. By the pack of 2 m.

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